Bob Lagasse was elected to his first term as the MLA for Dawson Trail on April 19, 2016. He is the eldest of four siblings and was raised in a bilingual Metis home in St. Adolphe. The small town values of family, faith, and hard work were instilled in him by his parents at a young age.

Bob met his wife Andrea while working at Winkler Bible Camp as counsellors. They have been married since 1997 and are the parents of 5 children. The Lagasse family are proud to make their home in Landmark, Manitoba.

Bob has worked in the social services sector since 1999 and currently runs a specialized foster home for a Child and Family Services agency. In addition to his work, Bob enjoys giving back to the community as a volunteer. He has been an active member of his Church and was the youngest-ever member of the St. Adolphe Volunteer Fire Department.

Bob is thankful for the opportunity to serve the riding of Dawson Trail as part of the Progressive Conservative government.


What does a Member of the Legislative Assembly do?

Most Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) have three primary roles. They can take on or be assigned additional duties (called portfolios) such as being appointed to positions such as Ministers, Party Whip, House Leaders, or Legislative Assistants.


Each MLA must understand the complex world of legislation. This includes understanding the purpose of existing laws in relation to other laws and trying to identify the reason the law was introduced in the first place. They must also plan new laws which fit into the existing system of rules and regulations to achieve the result they desire.

Area Representatives

Your MLA represents the area they were elected to represent. There are multiple ways of ensuring the area receives the attention it deserves, including voicing concerns on behalf of constituents, representing the general views and viewpoints of the area, or assisting residents with resolving issues or challenges when dealing with government departments or services.

Members of Caucus

As a member of a political party, the MLA will work collaboratively to develop strategies to form/pass legislation, support caucus events and initiatives, or contribute their experience to address problems.

What is the Provincial Government Responsible for?

Section 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act of 1867 outline the primary areas of responsibility for provincial governments. They include areas such as:

  •     Provincial Taxation and Finances
  •     Environment and Resource Development
  •     Energy
  •     Justice
  •     Healthcare
  •     Municipal Relations
  •     Businesses and Licensing
  •     Transportation
  •     Infrastructure
  •     Education
  •     Culture
  •     Tourism, Parks, and Recreation

Visiting the Legislative

Members of the public are welcome to observe proceedings of the Legislative Assembly when it is in session, from the vantage point of the Visitor’s Gallery.

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MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance)

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To view Manitoba’s road conditions and updates, visit the Manitoba 511 website.

Provincial Parks

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Manitoba Hydro

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Manitoba Health

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In Manitoba, Dawson Road formed the original course of Manitoba Highway 12 from St. Boniface to Ste. Anne. The southern part of Highway 12’s current alignment forms Manitoba’s segment of MOM’s Way; Dawson Road is now part of Provincial Road 207 between the communities of Richer and Lorette. The abandoned road between Northwest Angle and Richer has mostly fallen into disrepair, except for segments that are now part of Provincial Roads 503 and 505, accessible via the Trans-Canada Highway from the north and Provincial Road 308 from the east. Much of Dawson Road in and around Winnipeg remains active and bears the original name but has been disconnected since the construction of the Red River Floodway and Lagimodiere Boulevard.

Dawson Trail Pioneer Park Unveiling 2022


January 24, 2023

Dawson Trail Receiving $8 million for New Community Centre in Taché

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November 7, 2022

Getting Things Done: Premier Stefanson’s First Year in Office

This past year, Premier Heather Stefanson has helped make life more affordable, made Manitoba more competitive, reduced the surgical and diagnostic backlog and helped make our communities safer. Our government…
October 17, 2022

Cultural Investment is a Welcome Addition

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! After these last two very strange and difficult years, it was so nice to finally be somewhat back to normal. I hope that…

Private Member Statement – #MLA2Work Day 2022


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