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Inflation impacts us all, and our PC Government is committed to helping Manitobans combat rising costs with our new $87-million Family Affordability Package. This includes programs to help families with children, low-income seniors, and Manitobans in need the most.

Families with a household net-income below $175,000 will be receiving a benefit cheque of $250 with an additional $200 for each additional child. We estimate that 145,000 families with around 282,000 children will benefit from the approximate $63 million in benefits.

We understand that low-income seniors are also struggling with rising costs, which is why our government is committing $300 benefit cheques to all senior households with less than $40,000 in family net-income. This $16 million initiative will help around 52,500 senior households living on fixed incomes.

Our government is also increasing basic needs rates for Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) starting in October, 2022. This means that EIA general assistance clients will receive an additional $50 a month while all EIA disability clients will receive an additional $25 per household each month.

But our government’s initiatives don’t end there. As more Manitobans turn to food banks, we will be providing a temporary grant program through the Food Security Fund, which will help support community organizations with growing demands.

Our government has also made important tax relief measures through Budget 2022, including expanding the child-care subsidy program for $10/day daycare by 2023, phasing out education property taxes by introducing rebate cheques that averaged $500+ for households, introducing the new renters tax credit and providing rebate cheques to vehicle owners through Manitoba Public Insurance.

After the NDP raised taxes, it was our government that lowered PST from 8% to 7% in order to help reduce every-day costs for Manitobans.

This PC Government remains committed to making life affordable for Manitobans and we will continue to address these rising costs in our province.

If you have recently moved or have questions regarding eligibility, please visit the Manitoba Affordability Package website to find out more information and access our online portal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to my constituency office.

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