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Since forming the government, we made a commitment to make life more affordable for every Manitoban, and to keep that promise, we have been cutting taxes and providing support to put money back in the pockets of Manitobans. While Manitobans lost their hard-earned money through NDP tax raises during their time in government, our government has taken actions to give back to all Manitobans.

One way our government has been able to give relief in these trying times to Manitobans, is through the Education Property Tax Rebate. The Education Property Tax Rebate does not reduce the amount of funding for education. In fact, Budget 2022 makes record investments in education with $1.7 billion, over $138 million more than last year. Our education funding in 2021 exceeded NDP education funding in their last year of office by $441 million, and we are looking to increase this funding by another $1.6 billion over the next four years. In 2021, Manitoba devoted the highest percentage of GDP to education funding of any province in Canada. Our government also made a promise to build 20 new schools across our province over 10 years, and we are ahead of schedule. By 2027, 22 new schools will be open across the province. Our government is listening to teachers, educators, and parents to provide the support that our students need so that they can succeed in the classroom.

With the rising cost of food, gas, and other household goods, citizens across Manitoba are concerned about affordability. To make life more affordable, Budget 2022 raised the education property tax rebate for residential properties and farmland to 37.5% for 2022 and 50% for 2023. Fully implemented, the Education Property Tax Rebate will return over one billion dollars to Manitobans; the largest tax rebate in the province’s history. The average cheque for 2022 will be nearly $600, while the savings over two years will average to $1,355 per household;

Although the NDP would have you believe otherwise, the education property tax rebate will benefit the average homeowner. Nearly 80% of this rebate is going to residential units, with less than 0.9% going to institutions, pipelines and railways.   Renters will also receive $525 through the new Residential Renters Tax Credit, which was expanded this year to make eligible an additional 45,000 Manitobans who live in social housing or receive Rent Assist. Manitoba is the only province that utilizes locally determined municipal education property taxes to fund its education system. Phasing out this tax will modernize Manitoba’s tax structure, making it consistent with other provinces that fund education from general revenues.

While the NDP continues to mislead Manitobans and block this bill, which provides Manitoban families with much needed financial relief, we will continue to work towards making life more affordable for Manitobans.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my constituency office.

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