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Our government recently wrapped up a busy and productive spring legislative session. There were many important pieces of legislation passed, most notably the provincial budget. Starting in July, Manitobans will begin to see more money on their paychecks thanks to changes that were made to the basic personal exemption, which determines how much you can earn before you start paying taxes.

There were also a number of laws passed relating to justice, such as the Intimate Image Protection Act. The distribution of intimate images without permission is becoming increasingly prevalent, resulting in significant long-term effects on individuals, particularly young people. Up until recently, the individual whose image was distributed had to prove that they did not give permission. Now, with the Intimate Image Protection Act, this has been changed so that the individual distributing the image has to provide evidence that they were given consent to do so. This change will make it more difficult for these individuals and, hopefully, act as a deterrent against the distribution of intimate images in the future.

Although the legislative session has come to an end for the summer, we still have a busy few months ahead of us. Between preparing for the upcoming provincial election, graduation season, and attending various local festivals and events, it’s going to be a pretty jam-packed season. With that being said, I am eagerly anticipating all of the fun and exciting things popping up throughout Dawson Trail, and I look forward to getting out in the community and interacting with constituents.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my constituency office.

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