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As your MLA for Dawson Trail, I will always listen to you and advocate for your concerns.

One issue I’ve heard from a lot of constituents about is the Sio Silica Sand Project, and I’d like to offer some facts and insight on the status of this project.

Partly thanks to my strong advocacy on behalf of Dawson Trail residents, this project is being reviewed by the Clean Environment Commission (CEC). The CEC is made up of environmental experts, and they gauge potential impacts and risks of any given project under their review.

Right now, the CEC is in the process of reviewing the project and has already conducted town hearings. To ensure full transparency and respect for the process, I did not attend these hearings. I am awaiting the completion of the CEC review, and look forward to reading what the scientists and experts have concluded regarding this project. I was disheartened to see the NDP try to make this a political issue, and suggest that a government caucus MLA should interfere with the CEC process. I am committed to letting the experts provide a recommendation, and I will stay neutral in this process for that reason.

In other news, I am happy to highlight a recent local funding announcement from our provincial government. The Corporation du Site historique Monseigneur-Taché (SHMT) is receiving $15,000 through the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community (ACSC) funding program. Our government is investing nearly $50 million through the ACSC fund to support 402 projects that will support the delivery of quality programming and facilities in communities throughout Manitoba. The funds for SHMT will be going towards their architectural master plan. I’m thrilled to see our government supporting such great rural organizations, and helping create stronger communities.

I’d like to congratulate Ste. Anne for being one of the top four finalists in Kraft Hockeyville 2023! While they didn’t take home the grand prize, they did receive $25,000 that will be able to go towards some much needed upgrades to their arena. I am incredibly proud to see how not only our community of Dawson Trail, but our broader Manitoba communities as well, rallied together and offered support and encouragement during this period. I remain committed to working with the Town of Ste. Anne and the organizers to see what grants are available to help make this project a reality.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my constituency office.

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