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On March 6th, I had the opportunity of speaking in the legislature regarding Bill 5, The Adult Literacy Act, which would require adult literacy programs to adhere to new criteria and regulations in order to receive government funding.

When establishing these bills and the accompanying criteria, it’s vital to consult with individuals and organizations who are doing the work in those specific fields first-hand, in order to gain insight and understanding of what matters most.

I believe adult literacy is an incredibly important issue that the government should be focusing on, with the involvement of relevant stakeholders—which I hope was done in developing Bill 5. In particular, I hope the NDP government spoke with individuals at the Ste. Anne Adult Learning Centre, who are doing tremendous work in adult literacy. The Ste. Anne Adult Learning Centre is a wonderful organization that offers adults opportunities to further their education through a variety of courses that help them achieve a high-school diploma, earn prerequisites for post-secondary education, or improve their employment skills.

Education is important at any age. By providing our youth with the best educational environments and programs possible, they can become proficient and successful learners from a young age. This starts with having schools that are not overcrowded and having access to child care.

The community of Ste. Anne understands this issue all too well. Ste. Anne is a community with a growing population, whose needs for child-care facilities and spots in school continue to rise. Currently, their education complex is overcrowded and contains multiple schools, serving students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Our previous PC government had begun work to provide the community of Ste. Anne with a new school and daycare facility by 2027, as one of 23 new schools. Unfortunately, shortly after their election, the NDP government decided to reconsider the funding model and put a stop to the development of this school and eight others like it. It is of utmost importance that Ste. Anne and the other affected communities receive these facilities so they can continue to accommodate their growing populations and provide Manitoba families with the best education environments possible.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to speak to the adult literacy bill and to bring forth concerns that are important to the constituents of Dawson Trail. As your MLA, I will continue to advocate for you all and make sure that your voices are heard in the legislature.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my constituency office.

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