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I am pleased to announce funding for local community projects through the Building Sustainable Communities Program (BSC) as part of our government’s 2022 budget. Our PC government is pleased to fund local projects that will support economic growth and recovery throughout the province.

The Dawson Trail region is receiving over $500,000 and I’m very proud to support the BSC program which makes that possible. Our PC team has a strong commitment to investing in our communities.

The local community groups and projects that will be receiving funding include:

·         R.M. of Taché  $ 68,000
·         La Corporation du Site Historique Enfant-Jesus Heritage Site Corporation  $2,300
·         Anola Community Club  $ 34,730
·         R.M. of Springfield  $ 24,659
·         Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne  $ 42,000
·         Rural Municipality of Stuartburn  $ 3,070
·         Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne  $ 35,000
·         Landmark Recreation Association  $ 8,678
·         R.M. of Taché  $ 6,400
·         R.M. of Taché  $ 20,000
·         Legacy Children’s Centre  $ 40,000
·         La Corporation du Site Historique Enfant-Jesus Heritage Site Corporation  $ 300,000

As part of Budget 2022, the BSC fund more than doubles to $25 million from $10.3 million. Since being introduced in 2019, the BSC program provides municipalities and non-profit organizations access to all-encompassing community grants.

The BSC program has been highly successful since its inception, and this funding will allow for its operational success to continue. These grants are part of our government’s commitment to growing our way out of the pandemic and supporting local communities and their organizations. The intake for the BSC closed on January 17th and funding was announced on April 21st.

The full list of 427 approved projects will be posted at

For more information on the Building Sustainable Communities program, please visit

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