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Session is in full swing, and as your representative for Dawson Trail I am proud to be once again back in the Legislature. I have already had the pleasure of highlighting a couple of Dawson Trail Heroes in Private Member Statements, and several bills have been introduced.

One of the bills that was introduced regarded amendments to the Elections Act, by including the use of technology to improve voter check-in and vote counting efficiency. These amendments would make the voting process easier, more efficient, and more widely accessible, while continuing to ensure ballot secrecy and election integrity. Safeguards would be put in place to protect the secrecy of the ballot. The amendments would also help reduce lineups at voting stations and streamline the advance voting process.

We have also introduced amendments that would allow pharmacists to continue conducting COVID-19 tests, and for government-mandated boards to be allowed to meet virtually at their discretion once the Emergency Measures Act expires. The Emergency Measures Act is set to expire this spring, and that is why it was necessary for our government to make these amendments. We’ve also seen firsthand the value of being able to meet virtually, which is why we modernized legislation to allow Manitoba-based corporations to continue meeting this way if they choose.

Our provincial government also introduced legislation that would reduce red tape and help expand the potato and root crop industries for Peak of the Market. Regulations have prevented Peak of the Market from modernizing its business model to promote, sell, and distribute Manitoban potatoes and root crops outside of the province. This new legislation would strengthen our provincial economy by allowing producers and Peak of the Market to better grow their businesses, expand local sales and exports, and provide opportunities for new crop growers in Manitoba.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my constituency office.

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